Removing FIRO From Lelantus - Wallet Compliance for Lelantus Retirement

With the inevitable retirement of the Lelantus protocol in what looks like a year from now, I would like to know how to prepare my wallet for this. If I understand correctly, someone which has funds “in Lelantus” (Correct term?) they will be lost after the retirement of Lelantus.

Given this fictional FIRO wallet as an example below, which funds are in Lelantus and need to be removed from Lelantus? Do they go back to transparent? and how does someone go about making their wallet compliant for a Lelantus retirement, keeping their FIRO in a correct state?
Firo-wallet-balance-example - Copy

The 39.00085 is in Lelantus.

The new wallet with Spark would prompt you to convert those funds to transparent. It is up to you to anonymize them into Spark.

You would have two years to do it from Spark activation.