Recent Events (Opinion)

Hey, there Firofam. I just wanted to express a personal viewpoint of mine regarding the recent events. I wanted to express some words of encouragement.

So recently I have noticed an increasing concern because of laws and regulations being laid out that have led to Binance delisting various privacy coins, including Firo, but only in four countries. Spain, France, Italy, and Poland. I have also noticed some individuals who claim that Firo should not continue focusing on privacy “or else the project will die”.

The world is rapidly advancing in technology and is becoming increasingly interconnected. With this in mind, the importance of privacy has never been more evident. No government will ever stop trying to procure more power. No government will want less power. No government is going to give up invading your privacy. Worse yet, they’re not the only ones trying to abuse our privacy. From corporations to malicious actors, your privacy is worth a fortune.

In the modern era, and in the digital landscape we all find ourselves in, our lives are intertwined with technology like never before. As great and wondrous as it all can be, we are left especially vulnerable as we generate vast amounts of data every day, leaving digital footprints that can be traced, analyzed, and exploited. Imagine what it will look like in the future.

Privacy is set to become a BIGGER issue, not less of one. Privacy cryptocurrencies are the answer to a demand that many don’t even realize they have yet. Even if privacy coins gave up developing privacy technology, the governments would not stop there. Nor would corporations, or criminals. Privacy is merely the first obstacle they have to overcome to meet their goals.

You’re right that privacy has been a target of governing bodies - it was from the start. That is why Bitcoin was even started - it was a problem that was trying to be solved before cryptocurrency even existed. Why would Firo cease following the specific intended goal of cryptocurrency? Would any of the previously expressed entities change if it did so? The answer is no.

Privacy is the cornerstone of personal freedom and autonomy. It empowers individuals to express themselves, explore new ideas, and engage in activities without fear of judgment or reprisal. It allows us to maintain our individuality and preserve our dignity in a world that often seeks to commodify and exploit our personal information.

Firo’s commitment to privacy is more important than it was when it started. Privacy coins are the future, just as much as DEXes are. The demand will be there, and Firo must continue to empower us with cutting-edge privacy technology to meet not only the current demand but that future demand.

Feeling demoralized, or panicked, because of bad news such as delistings is only natural. I understand that it may seem logical to suggest that Firo goes in a different direction than privacy. After all, Firo is an investment just as much as it is a cryptocurrency to many of us in the community. However, just because times are tough doesn’t mean that Firo should give up on its core fundamentals - its responsibility not only to you but to anyone in the future who finds the need to conduct their affairs with privacy.

Firo’s dedication and mission to protecting our privacy is admirable and crucial in the face of mounting pressure and challenges. It is amazing seeing the continued support from the Firo community, and it is a testament to your understanding of the value of privacy and its impact on our lives. Your activity in our community contributes to the growth and development of the Firo Project, which protects your privacy and that of countless individuals seeking refuge from invasive surveillance.

All of our efforts combined lay the foundations for the future of Firo and the privacy it provides. Please stay resolute and steadfast with Firo’s commitment to privacy! Please continue to champion privacy as a fundamental right and empower your fellow man. Our efforts can and will make a lasting impact. Stay strong and determined.


The current privacy protection scenario of firo is too limited. At present, only payment transaction privacy protection is available. Can we apply this technology to other scenarios? Examples: social networks, mobile devices. Iot smart home devices, data storage, cloud storage and so on. We can not only focus on the privacy of individual users, it is too limited. If we can put it in the financial scene, medical scene, government sector and so on, will it be better?

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As I am not technically inclined enough to know how applicable Firo’s Lelantus and/or Spark is in those various fields, I can’t really comment. Firo and dev team are focused on the cryptocurrency and privacy infrastructure in the space. While there is overlap in these various aspects, the dev team are also highly specialized for what they are currently doing. It is also worth noting that a developer is not necessarily interchangeable across mediums.

Trying to get into those other markets would require additional resources, separate research & development, and whole new dev teams to accomplish. Realistically, right now it isn’t feasible. That’s not to even mention potential competition in those fields which would have an innate advantage. This is why it is more logical to utilize 3rd party when applicable, that still accomplishes the goal or need.