Proposal for ZCoin Community Proposal Standardization (with example)

It’s fantastic to see ZCoin take a toward further decentralization with the push forward CCS and ZCoin Improvement Proposals.

Most projects that have been able to implement Improvement Proposals successfully (i.e. Bitcoin, Grin, etc.) have standardized templating and RFC procedures. For example, with Grin, a proposal can be introduced via the forums, or keybase channel where discussion occurs for a period of time. After that, somewhere along the line the proposal is introduced to the Grin RFC Repository via a pull request at which point a shepard is attached to it via volunteers to poke and prod at the issue until it’s in a presentable form for review.

I was thinking we could do something similar, and potentially replicate the step of having a ZIP repository where people could submit their final versions of their proposals. I personally am fond of the grin style of proposal, however the BIP and SLIP proposal style on Bitcoin is more battle tested.

Another option is since we are emulating Monero’s CCS structure, we could potentially mix Grin’s style with Monero’s CCS Templating Structure to follow in line with what’s working for Monero.

Additionally, I made an example proposal from Grin’s RFC structure using @reuben and the rest of the ZCoin Team as an example. This is not a serious proposal and is mostly made as a fun way to represent a proposal specifically for ZCoin. In my example proposal, I propose, we get a Bouncy Castle for the ZCoin offices.

What are y’all’s thoughts? Is it too early for a standardized structure? Is a RFC repo a bad idea? Do we need “shepards” for our proposals? Of course, most importantly, Does the Zcoin team need a bounce house?