POS System - Bringing Small business into the fold

Are there any thoughts on development of an “in-house” Point of Sales system that would enable transactions and convertibility in “batch”?

Making tools like this to build a community of small businesses up around the eco system would go a long way for strengthening the community.

This also might have a positive influence on balance of power (a lot of this conversation was also going on around spork and voting in other topics) within the community, as small businesses don’t act like :whale: even if they are because they are maintaining a going concern.
Also, being able to create virtual credit cards that are private in order to take fiat (kinda like privacy.com mixed w/ cash app) that can be cancelled/created at any time to transact into zcoin w/privacy and no central bank record, KYC etc.
Noob here, so if there are things I’m missing, let me know!

Hey! The problem with PoS systems is that unless you’re integrating with their existing PoS and that they’re going to see regular customers using it, it doesn’t quite make sense as the payments are few and far between if they require maintaining a separate system/app or educating their employees to do it.

There’s actually been several efforts in the POS system space such as Pundi and Paytomat (which supports Zcoin) and despite spending lots of money doing it, traction has been super low. Dash has also spent a lot trying this route and I don’t think it’s paid off.

I don’t think going one by one brick and mortar style isn’t the way to go.

There’s actually a simple app to do this too!

Virtual credit cards are a great idea but do require working with a card provider. Regulatory and bank hurdles are tricky to navigate. We actually had a deal with one of the largest crypto card providers in the space but at the very last minute they cancelled and refunded the integration cost because their partners weren’t comfortable with privacy.

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Yeah, see what you’re saying! It’s early on the curve. Thanks for the point by point deconstruction.

Really what I am trying to dial in on is a secure way of managing traditional payments & digital payments/records without informing the world of the nature(how much, with whom etc of the businesses participating.

For small businesses to manage numerous digital wallets and payments while still dealing with the day to day operations, makes large scale adoption seem a decade away or more.

The app is a great start for zcoin only? Still awesome. Is that android only?:ok_hand:t4:

If all we want is big biz to participate, they can more easily manage all these things for obvious reasons.

It also feels like if we aren’t able to bring these businesses into the digital currency era expeditiously, there will be even fewer of them in the future to participate. I also think those that do join what’s available without large scale privacy become larger targets to bigger entities trying to quash up and comers whether they be regulators or the big businesses that have the regulators ear.

I didn’t know about the android app, that edit was supposed to be at the bottom. Firing up an older device to see if I can get access and poke around. Thanks!

PS: my thinking is if biz adopts it could be an avalanche. Those that gambled to set up shop will win handedly, just as they did in the gold rush 150 yrs ago!

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There are decent mobile options available now. Zcoin have implemented an LLMNQ, which does open up the option of several more merchant friendly solutions using regular mobile devices.