PLEASE HELP - migration of Zcoins


I’ve only just discovered the big change to Firo and all my coins are tied up in my Zcoin wallet.
I opened the zcoin wallet and it won’t update or connect or anything. And I can’t find any articles on migrating coins to Firo?
Am I able to migrate them to Firo? - HELP, I’m slightly panicking as it’s a lot of coins :-/

Thank you!


First things first: your coins are safe. Zcoin has rebranded to Firo. It is still using the same blockchain. There are no swaps.

You can first backup your wallet before proceeding with anything. Once done, please read this migration guide. Remember to note down these, as it can assist in troubleshooting if needed:

  • backup wallet.dat
  • check the current data directory ( Help -> Debug window -> Datadir ) (important if you are using a non-standard blockchain directory)
  • check current block on Zcoin wallet ( Help -> Debug window -> Current number of blocks )
  • check current Zcoin wallet version ( Help -> Debug window -> Client version )

Let us know if you face any problems.

Thank you! Don’t know how I missed the guide. All sorted, phew! :smiley:

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