Please give extra rewards to nodes other than Allnodes

Currently, 3800 of the 4141 nodes are running on Allnodes. Should we give rewards to people who build their nodes according to the current practice of giving 10% rewards to small mines? These actions can encourage people to deploy nodes in cloud platforms such as Vultr, and increase the security of the entire network.


God, please. I’ve been hosting 30+ nodes in 7+ countries around the world and it’s really expensive.

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You claim that 3800 of the 4141 FIRO nodes are hosted by Allnodes.
Where does this source come from?

According to Allnodes, there are currently 3800 FIRO masternodes, but not at Allnodes: Worldwide.
According to, there are also 3800 operational FIRO masternodes worldwide, plus 340 “pause banned” (total 4140). According to the same source, there are indeed a large number of masternodes in Germany, but there are also some all over the world and we seem far from the figures you are giving. It should also be noted that not all masternodes in Germany are hosted by allnodes.
The masternodes number hosted in Germany no longer appears on A few months ago, when this number appeared, I had done the calculation in a post on this forum and we were at much less than 50% of maternodes hosted in Germany, so even less at

I think the solution to what you want to present as a problem is not to give a bonus, it is to make home hosting accessible to everyone, not only for a few minority (behind TOR, for example: several posts also about this on the forum ).

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I’m sorry that I misunderstood the statistical caliber of Allnodes about the number of nodes. In addition, Whether the project team can promote to receive Firo payment? It already supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and other payment.

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At this very moment I am attempting to move over some of my firo masternodes (that are about to expire on allnodes) to be hosted on Flux.
So far I’ve paid the 3 flux to deploy the node, I can see it in “my apps” but now I’m stuck on how to actually get it going LOL

I’ll give it another 30 minutes to figure it out, there doesn’t seem to be instructions available on how to fully set it up on Flux.

edit: now that was a waste of time, just going to renew them allnodes and be done with it :slight_smile: