Pc problem, pls help

Hello, I have such a problem, I want to return the pc on windows 10 to the factory settings, but when I do everything, it downloads up to 2% and the pc gives an error, “no changes”. Maybe somehow you can return the PC to the factory settings in a similar way?

You have a virus on your PC, most likely, it blocks it when it tries to format a disk. Reinstall the operating system.

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Well, or do not hurry up yet, and try installing a good antivirus, and thoroughly check your computer, but if this does not help, then reinstall it. Maybe others will write something, but I don’t see a way out anymore.

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Yes, but even when reinstalling, there was an error until I formatted the disk through the command line. After that, I reinstalled the operating system and everything became ok)

But before that, he installed something like an antivirus, but he did not reveal anything.

Anyway, for myself, I concluded that we need a proven antivirus, since Windows Defender will not help in critical cases …

Yes, I agree, this defender will not protect against the village virus; for some reason, he bypasses this protection.

For example, I use Kaspersky, but it is too expensive, but there is also a trial version, as well as many different unflown antiviruses.