Our next Twitter Spaces Meeting

Hello FiroFam!
I have two questions for the community!
First and foremost, when would be the best time for Firo to host its’ next Twitter Spaces Meeting? Please choose all that apply to you!

  • 10AM-12PM GMT+8
  • 1PM-3PM GMT+8
  • 5PM-7PM GMT+8

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The second question is what questions do you have for our next meeting? What would you like to hear about? What should be covered? Please feel free to discuss and ask anything here, and that way we can cover it in our next meeting!

I’d like to hear a comprehensive discussion on the pros and cons of maintaining current emission rate while concurrently halving the block time. Further, I would also like to hear everyone’s opinions on the best way to go about setting up tail emissions.

As part of me stepping back, I won’t be participating in any further Twitter spaces discussions but my views have been posted in the other thread.