Opinions on drafting a formal paper to set a foundation of governance of the CFC fund

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I’m writing today, too ask the community on whether I could put my attributes too use and potentially draft a formal paper (too be voted by the CFC guardians before implementation) which will help set a foundation too the CFC fund in all aspects of process, accountability, transparency, rule sets in times of high volatility, denominations, voting etc (hoping to leave no stone unturned) in various scenarios. I am writing this also if there is any disagreements or misunderstandings, then this paper can be used as a reference tool on protocol.

I would like too see peoples thoughts on this before I proceed. I will tag the CFC guardians and Rueben below.


In my opinion, a formal paper needs to be drafted while the CFC fund is still in its infancy going forward which will hopefully make operations much smoother and much more efficient.

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Actually I would like to see something like that.
My only concern would be how long it would be relevant before we move to quadratic voting etc. however that may not be in the near future as it’s a very complex issue.

I’d also like to see other community members share their thoughts on this. From my perspective CFC are ultimately Firo’s public servants, looking out for Firo’s best interest.
So having the community be involved in how we conduct ourselves would be great.

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Yeah small parts may have to be adapted over time too account for major changes in protocol in terms of voting systems etc and different technologies. When a major change occurs, a guardian or community vote can be implemented on an adaptation of parts of the paper affected, leaving the parts of the paper not affected unchanged.

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I don’t think the quadratic voting thing is happening that soon, it’s more a stated aim at this point (one that I do hope will come to fruition).

However even if the quadratic voting comes on, the CFC still has roles to manage such voting to weed out bad actors or people trying to game it (similar to Gitcoin).

Hi Brother J, I like the idea and would love to understand more