Nomination for Community Fund Committee

I’m grateful for your contribution!

I’ve been thinking the same. Your business/tech background could be very helpful.

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We’ll keep this nomination open for another 7 days after which nominations would be closed and a poll started.

My name is Kartal Turkey community telegram administrator.
In the globalizing world, human privacy is becoming an important problem. People will do their best to protect it so firo is an important project It is necessary to take some initiatives to increase the awareness of this project, it will be a great breakthrough if the integration of firo technology with social media, bank accounts, chat groups is provided.As the market value of Firo increases, its awareness will also increase. One of the main problems at the moment is the inability to increase science.Firo needs to be told and promoted to reach more people. That’s why I’m a candidate for these posts.You can be sure that I will work with all my strength for the firo if I am deemed fit.


I’m glad you nominated, hope to see you and Rasikh both on board :smirk:

The nomination is now closed and we are now moving towards the election stage. Please cast your votes responsibly!