Nomination for Community Fund Committee

我的英文很差,还在学习中。 还是很希望加入并且加强学习!


@devwarrior Perhaps you’d like to throw your hat in the ring?

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我想说一句,中国人参与积极性不高的项目,就算成功了, 代币的价格也不可能会涨起来,此前太多多先例了。强烈建议考虑chen成为基金会成员。

I cannot commit as I am currently somewhat unstable geographically …
I am available for input of course as needed. My skill area is UTXO blockchain and other dev with a focus on atomic swaps. Some older golang atomic swap code in the github was mine.

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I believe anyone that has programming experience should help the Team rather than trying to be part of the CFC.

Not sure why anyone with that type of experience would volunteer to be a part of the CFC but not just focus on volunteering to help the Team directly.

To me the CFC should be more focus on other aspects that can help the project grow aside from what the Team is hard at work with.

As the community fund will be open to anyone to apply with ideas and funds can be directed that way a person with programming knowledge can raise their ideas and they can be funded.

The community fund I truly believe should at least at the start be issued for something that doesn’t not immediately involves let’s up the tech on this and that. We need to look to go after many other things that can potentially help us. If that is not the case and we are just going to focus on tech then we should of just given that extra 10% to Team as they are the best at that.

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Who are you?
why do you think you should be a CFC member?
what do you would like to see the community fund used for?


Why not both like Sproxet?

His name is in the nomination list. I am not blocking it and wish to have a Chinese representative but if he cannot communicate with the other members it can be an issue though I guess translators can help. I just don’t want it to be in the situation if Chen is alone and cannot communicate with other CFC committee members or does not understand the proceedings.


Well since things are looking grim. I propose to make a emergency proposal as soon as possible to alloacate all community funds to development funds this mounth.


Good idea was thinking the same. While the markets are down the rewards will be better spent with the development team.

The fund only comes alive in mid June. We’ll use our reserves first. I’ll update our expenses in more detail soon.


Yes I second this proposal idea. We are in a state of dev funding emergency.

Am also thinking the same

Hi Guys,
I would like to nominate myself to participate as a member of the Community Fund Committee.

My name is Rasikh Morani, CEO of The Arcadia Group, a blockchain software development and security company.

As of current, Arcadia is a very recently active contractor within the Firo space, with our most recent contract being a BSC farming frontend and smart contracts.

Some products we’ve worked on in the firo space include:

  • Contributions to the Firo Electron Wallet
  • Contributions to the Firo Electrum Wallet
  • Contributions to the Firo Core (for Receiver Address Privacy/BIP47)
  • We funded @rehrar 's Campfire wallet
  • I made the old (now deprecated) Firo Telegram Tipbot
  • We made the Firo Rosetta Implementation

Firo was actually one of my early (near first client and first “real”) clients in the space, without Firo Arcadia would have had a much lesser likelihood of getting off the ground and reaching where it is today.

My personal beliefs in regards to the best routes for incentivizing growth within the community include

Funding projects that bring relevant practical utilization into the ecosystem
What does this mean-- This means funding products that bring forth the value of retail benefits to privacy, i.e. small every day usecases where privacy is relevant.

Funding projects that can self-sustain and return value
While it maybe unpopular, the capital intensive machine that exists in other ecosystems is not prevalent within the Firo ecosystem, meaning that projects that intend to use community funds to build commercial or non-commercial projects (that are not-pure-FOSS contributions), should prior to funding have terms that return capital to the community. I don’t propose acting VC like, but the scarcity of capital puts forth the need to bring forth relevant return value external to increases in token prices.

My Availability
Due to my involvement with Arcadia, and other ventures and communities, I can contribute a small amount of time to the CFC. Which may be a tradeoff in my proposed involvement. However I feel with the limited amount of time I am able to contribute I may be able to bring a substantive amount of value.

Happy to answer any questions here or on my other social media (i.e. rasikhmorani on twitter and telegram). If you forum reply here, please tag me elsewhere to notify me as I open this forum like once a year usually :slight_smile:


I’m grateful for your contribution!

I’ve been thinking the same. Your business/tech background could be very helpful.

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We’ll keep this nomination open for another 7 days after which nominations would be closed and a poll started.

My name is Kartal Turkey community telegram administrator.
In the globalizing world, human privacy is becoming an important problem. People will do their best to protect it so firo is an important project It is necessary to take some initiatives to increase the awareness of this project, it will be a great breakthrough if the integration of firo technology with social media, bank accounts, chat groups is provided.As the market value of Firo increases, its awareness will also increase. One of the main problems at the moment is the inability to increase science.Firo needs to be told and promoted to reach more people. That’s why I’m a candidate for these posts.You can be sure that I will work with all my strength for the firo if I am deemed fit.


I’m glad you nominated, hope to see you and Rasikh both on board :smirk:

The nomination is now closed and we are now moving towards the election stage. Please cast your votes responsibly!