Multiple Masternode on same IP

I want to run multiple masternodes on my local machine to avoid paying monthly fees from hosting providers.
The problem is that i only have one IP address that is not even dedicated.

I would like to know if it is possible to run a masternode behind an Hidden Onion Service ? (in the firo masternode list, i don’t see any onion address)
If yes do you have any documentation ?

Or do you have any other solution ?

Also thank you for this amazing project.

I think it miss some marketing/advertising(paid or free) to acquire a bigger user base.
When looking at the news, it seem like its mostly present in SEA but not so much in Eastern countries. Crypto will regain attractivity during the next months, so it should be the ideal moment to do it.

One problem is that being listed on Binance is amazing, but they delisted privacy coins in many countries, which mean that it doesn’t benefit all of the binance users. But many other "offshore " exchanges still resist, and its a very good entry for new users.

  • Most exchanges ask for money to get listed ? or some are free ?
    What does the community can do to improve Firo user base and ranking ?
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I run my masternodes using provider . It is easy. Just pay for basic hosting 5$ and easy to set up and I can connect my masternodes to my telegram to easy monitoring masternodes I run. When I got reward, there is notification I got from the bot telegram who connect with my masternode. I can run many masternodes with easy set up and monitoring and make all same for payee address.

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5$/month is way too much. That’s 60$/year, per 2000$ invested. Its like getting 3% fee per year on your whole capital.
It might sound nothing but if you run 10+ masternodes thats a lot of money going out.

I would prefer to find a way to host myself to get that 3% back.


You right, for now maybe just 3%. In the future maybe 300%. I just hold for long term. Good luck brother :sunglasses::+1:

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firo value is still too low, if it goes to $10, that’s not a problem


1 masternode, 1 IP address. No, you cannot run it from behind a Hidden Onion Service.


:100: Anwar, I heard that from @reuben (the founder of Firo) himself.

@Oscar77 , I was wanting to do that same thing as you on my home network. I don’t have a dedicated IP address but I wanted to run multiple masternodes. I was informed that this is not possible and it is a feature of FIRO, not a bug.

To be honest I think it’s a good thing because it prevents centralizations.
Can you imagine if folks could host multiple Firo masternodes on a single IP address? That would cause massive concentration of block rewards to a single IP address. It would discourage small players that could only afford to stake a single masternode as we wouldn’t wins as many rewards.

Hence by setting the rule “1 Masternode, 1 IP address”, it improves the overall network decentralisation and makes it more fair for FIRO masternode maintainers because it created an even playing field.

Thanks Reuben for the stroke of genius :1st_place_medal:

I hope that makes sense.

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I started on allnodes, but now I have everything on VPS for $4.5 each.
Never had problems with allnodes, other that they sometimes dont have availability for the $5 hosting.
The setup really isn’t that hard, just follow the instructions.

The thing is, you can also run masternodes for other projects alongside firo, so I can split that cost in 2
A cheap VPS might be able to run 3 or 4 different nodes on 1 IP (each for a different coin) before you run out of ram/cpu, but you may not have enough disk-space included to do so.
I limit them to 2 projects per VPS/IP, works well for me.

With the halving of firo comming up, if price doesnt pick up, running a masternode will be more of a hobby than a way to make some passive income.
Need to support the project, getting paid to wait is/was a nice bonus tho.

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remember IP address are an attack vector even though now 1 IP == 1 Master-node for decentralization as said by others

for future i bet more improvement of node privacy by tor i2p and veilid hidden networks will be used more along with noise protocol + dandelion++ already present

One consideration is how reliable these tor/i2p networks are and how much latency it adds. Dandelion++ already adds quite a bit of latency to transactions.

If we are continuing to use ‘Instant-send’ as secured by LLMQs, our developers have expressed that they are concerned how reliable these instant locks are or whether these masternodes will be able to contribute to instant locks in a timely manner if they’re behind tor/i2p. We originally wanted to use Meson mixnet but that project appears to be discontinued so we have some initial implementations and integrations with Nym.

The concern with Nym is that there are several configurations for it, one which offers little added privacy and the other which has much more delays but much more privacy. Another concern is the future requirement to have NYM to use the network which adds a lot of friction.

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