Months ago firo balance was 618 then went to 99 on mobile wallet

This happened on firo mobile wallet android. My transaction history doesnt add up to 99. It adds up to 618. I have used firo since then from qt wallet and it is now 0. I restored from firo qt in linux. Transaction history the same. Im essentially missing over 500 firo. I went onto telegram where i actaully was asked to provide keys for investogation which i did. They said and said the other day the keys and issue was being forwarded to the dev team. I did this because when u tally up the transaction history it clearly shows there should be 500+ more firo. And i dont have any other option. I had just emptied my small 401k into this and its gone. Its been 2 months. Im trying to see if the development team actually got the keys and is looking into this as i was asked to make a new wallet and provided a deposit address. This is a big issue for me. Please someone get back to me. Thank

Thomas Bell

what keys you provided? i hope not the private ones :sweat_smile:

you can check in explorer what happened to the coins. they where anonymized?

Hey Thomas, I have replied to you on telegram. The funds has been recovered and sent to your new address that you have provided.

Campfire and firo mobile wallet. I gave keys to ajay

U kidding me??? So awesome thank toy so much

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