Mobile firo balance goes to 0 then half reappears now back to 75%

So i had gotten firo through a swap. Sent it to stack wallet. This walllet uses an electrum core i believe. I had firo on there 4 days. I think i tried anobymiIng the firo on day one and maybe it didntt finish? Anyway i got more to swap and look at mt balance and its 0. I had just sent thw swap to process. What i had before was 100 and sent an additoonal 40. I click anonymiE and now it shows 100 but not the 40 although it shows in the wallet both transactions. I think the log can provide insight. Now, this happend to me a year ago and i posted here and got mt funda back althugh it was a bit dofd back then. I did a blockchain resync before this happened. Im not sure right now which are anonymized it says all but therws 40 missing frlm balance. Kinda reminds me of a netsplit on irc.
Ill try to upload all the pics and logs. Can anyone hekp me have it display the correct balance? Its stack wallet.

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  1. What version of Stack wallet?
  2. Any issues syncing?
  3. Did you try a blockchain rescan? (not resync)

Okay so when i got 40 firo then waited 4 days and fot an extra 100 i saw notjing in the wallet. I looked up the address in the wallet on explorer and it saaid no transactions. This was puzzling to me. I created two morefiro wallets, deleted the firo mobile app i had installed that was firo core, for whatevr reason i wasnr using it. I tried restoring the wallet twice then click on resync blockchain and rescan and one time.i clicked on an empty firo wallet then both transactiona and anonymizations showed up.

When i clicked the first firo deposit of 100, it was still in pending status and actually was still anonymizing from 6 days prior… which is odd. It now says its good but shoukd i try rescan again? I havr 140 firo in wallet.but shows 100

Please try rescan blockchain again. Do not interrupt it while it is running. Do not resync after it is completed.