Mining Decentralization Incentive Discussion

Hey guys! The other day Obfustake over on Discord was posting on one of the channels his opinions about the mining decentralization incentive that was being funded by the CFC. He expressed some hardship about being able to readily relay his thoughts to the CFC. So here I am today with the intended goal of giving a place for Firo miners to express their thoughts on the matter.

In case you are out of the loop, Firo’s decentralization incentive for mining campaign has ended. The originally proposed funds ran their course and the CFC is currently determining whether or not to continue the campaign. FCS Proposal - Mining Pool Bonus - Operation Decentralize Hashrate - #124 by Kayz

Please feel free to weigh in with your reasonings for or against the continuation of the campaign in this thread, along with any suggestions or tweaks that you think could make it perform better!

For such a small % of the total community fund, I think the mining campaign was a measurable success. I can’t imagine not testing to see if we can increase momentum with an increase in rewards. I would vote for one more round with a increase (maybe double) and then see what our data looks like.

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I’m personally in favor of continuing it with an increased proportion but the CFC seems hesitant and want to observe what happens if it’s done without.

I have to say not all pools were as supportive in promoting the campaign (some tweeted it weekly which was appreciated) but others didn’t.

We did see some shift in hashrate but it plateaued. What would be interesting is to see if the percentage holds or do these miners move back to 2miners. If they hold, it would make sense to increase as it means the incentive has long term effects but if it’s just short lived then it’s not sustainable in the long term.


I agree that we should stop it for now and see what happens to the pools. I changed my pool pre-incentive, I know personally for me the hardest part of the change was having to accept the pool fees, where 2miners had 0% most others had ~1% fees. I think it would be nice, if we do start the campaign again, that we increase the rewards. I also think it would be helpful if we could contact the pool operators and see if they can lower the fee.

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Cruxpool has 0% PPS even without the incentive

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