Masternodes number's decrease

In June 2020, the number of active ZCoin/FIRO masternodes was over 6000. Today it is only 3614 : 40% less !
Masternodes are used in the FIRO network security, and even more since the recent modification to combat 51% attacks.
This decrease in the number of FRO masternodes does not worry anyone ? How to remedy this decrease and make these mastrenodes more attractive in order to guarantee the best safety to our FIROs ?

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Right now to attack our network assuming an attacker could acquire 3,700,000 coins without increasing the price it would be about 27 million USD. This means in reality this can easily cost several times more if he wants to acquire 3.7 million coins he would push the price up significantly. If he attacks, it also affects the coins he got.

The halving obviously reduced the number of masternodes as the block reward also reduced the amount received by masternodes. I do think this is something that needs to be revisited soon either doing away with masternodes with a separate mechanism but the current security is adequate.


Thank you Reuben for your answer.
Your elements on network security reassure me in the very short term, but I think that we will have to quickly review the remuneration of the various beneficiaries of the FIRO system for increase the one of the masternodes to make them more attractive.

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