Masternodes count

Hi all,

to monitor , i use, but now gives 0 masternodes to firo and dash (some error).
Where can i get the masternodes count?


You can try using this Firo Ccore explorer which is a nice explorer too.


May dudes are using to monitor the Masternode coins.

Firo if offline for some weeks now, because we need to pay a fee to update:

β€œAll coins listed on MNO will receive all updates for free in a timely manner. The exception are collateral changes, reward system changes, chainswaps & rebrands which require a $500 fee to be paid for by the dev team in our shop .”

i think the 500$ are good invested. All Masternode coins are there and all manage to pay the fees if there is an hardfork.

what do you think, is it worth to crowdfund the 500$ for visibility?


Worth opening a FCS on it at