Masternode payout on trezor wallet & electrum wallet

Hey guys,

I just set up a masternode some weeks ago and got my first payout. I chose a trezor wallet as the payout address but now have some trouble there as the trezor wallet doesn’t seem to recognize it. Is it not possible to use a trezor wallet as a payout address? When I look it up on the blockchain explorer everything is fine.

Another question regarding the Firo Electrum Wallet I don’t have the option to choose a hardware wallet there, is that a bug or do I need to do anything to make the option show up there?

For transferring masternode payouts with Trezor, please use the Znode Tool Evo v1.0.3.

You can also use Electrum-Firo for this. To use Trezor, choose Standard Wallet -> Use a hardware device while creating a new wallet.


Thanks, anwar!

I missed the step “Standard Wallet” before the “hardware device” option appears. Works fine now with Electrum :slight_smile: