Masternode owner organizing and consensus

Had a thought and I’m curious what the community thinks. After reading that there is a risk when not enough masternodes upgrade properly when hard forks happen, I realized that this could probably be due to lack of communication and acknowledgment from masternode owners pre-fork. I myself track upgrades to FIRO through github, and I think that’s fine for a lot of people… But what methods do we currently have to get masternode owners to agree to upgrade and ensure that enough of them will do it pre-upgrade?

Here is my proposal:

  1. Have a discord channel that is only for masternode owners (I’ve asked for this a few times already and no one ever replies).
  2. Find a way to confirm they are masternode owners to ensure that the channel does not get spammed with non-masternode owners. Maybe a way to send out a notification via the wallet software?
  3. Pre-fork, or in the case that there are sensitive upgrades to FIRO for masternode owners, post in the channel a poll that can track a count of who is willing to upgrade so devs (like Reuben) can have some form of certainty around what will happen.

I realize that this is pretty centralized, and might concern people. In fact, not everyone uses discord or would be willing to even participate. BUT, sometimes you have to have centralized with a heavy reliance on individual autonomy and voluntarism to get *#[email protected] done and IMO it’s worth trying. What does everyone else think?

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Great idea. If for coordination I don’t think we need to necessarily restrict to masternode owners only. I have created the #masternodes channel in Discord and gave you Firo Volunteer role to manage. Thank you for this suggestion!


I don’t use Discord.
Too much social networks who disapear after few years. Not the time for that.

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Do you have any recommendations for how you’d like to be contacted or communicate with the dev team for masternode related info?

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This forum seems to be the right place for me.

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As someone planning to run a master-node in the future, i’m very interested with that idea. I honestly don’t like Discord myself but if there is no other choice, i could swallow my proud for a good cause lol

Maybe someone should consider creating a decentralized platform of communication using blockchain technology. It might a gigantic task though.