Masternode migration,

Following the prices doubling at, I am migrating my masternodes.
The migration procedure asks me for the operator key / BLS secret key of my masternodes.
During the masternode creation procedure at AllNodes, I was not provided with any masternode operator key / BLS secret key…
I did find a “bls generate” command in my local wallet, but I doubt that this is the one requested because it seems that there must be one per masternode.
I asked to AllNode but I’m waiting for an answer… if answer I’ll have.
An advice ?

When I was migrating first node to Pecunia, I trie to migrate node from Allnodes, but somehow they could not do it because owner address was not under my control.l or something like that.

When you move 1000 Firo to new address it will be easy to setup

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