Masternode configuration for the ZNodes upgrade in the ZCoin/Firo migration


I migrated my ZCoin wallet to the Firo wallet : everything seemed to have gone well (I found my balance, my transactions, my masternodes).

I’m surprised, I don’t have a “firo.conf” file in my firo hidden directory (I didn’t have a “zcoin.conf” file either), but everything seems to work. Can someone pass me a template for the “firo.conf” file?

My question relates to the masternodes management : should I rename the “znode.conf” file after the migration to Firo? If so, what new name does I use?
Anything else to do for masternodes in the firo wallet installation/configuration ?

Thank you.

zcoin.conf/firo.conf was not created by default during installation. They are mandatory in masternode installations but not in a regular wallet.

znode.conf is no longer in use after the introduction of the deterministic masternode system. We decided against automatically deleting it because it can cause users to panic.

v0.14.2.3 (mandatory update) was released today, please update to that one.

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Thank you @anwar for these precises and clears informations.
Following your warning, updated to version