Make Firorunner great again! ;)

Hello FIRO Fam!

as most of you hardcore fam-members know, firorunner is online since late 2021 and the online competition is avalible sinze few weeks now.

Sadly, the demand of this epic game ease up. Highscores are declining.

Therefore, i wanna brainstorm some ideas to make the game better, even ask the Fam what you think of Poposal on the FIRO CFS to make it happen!

For example: Collect 100 FIRO that will go to the developer of the game if he makes some improvments to make it even better!

a few easy points that came in my mind:

the jump/shot and duck animation are changing over time. Why it stops changing at ~100 coins? i like the last golden like animation, but would love to see it change mby after 150, 200, 250 and so on. make it bigger, funnier, more ridiculous!

Is tournament mode on mobile avalible yet? i never checked again cause it is impossible to reach the score you can reach on PC with keyboard. So why don`t create a mobile and an desktop highscore?

fix the sound bug. after a few attemps, only music remains.

experimatial: Change to 3 lifes. whenever you lose a life, you lose one speed booster. this would make the game more often faster cause you don`t die at mby 500 points for some stupid mistake. + it would make the game more fair, cause at the highes speed, sometimes lag can beat you. when you have to duck and jump immediately afterwards, a high ping can be a deathblow.

show more Info after you die: time survived? collected coins bigger in the middle. Data which is already there and would be cool to know.

changing Music. I like the music, but would love if it changes over time.

What do you guys think? Do you agree oder have other ideas to make firorunner great again? Would you be willing to donate some FIRO to an poposal to set incentive for the dev to make an update with an deadline?

Looking foward for your responses! :yum: :hugs: :cowboy_hat_face: