[Looking for Feedback] Starting a Grants Program of 8,000 FIRO

With the increase in budget of the core team and our efforts to involve outside contributors, from some of our surplus, we will be starting a grants program of 8,000 FIRO to begin with which is around 160,000 USD in today’s prices.

We will be utilizing the Community Crowdfunding System for this for transparency. We will be putting out several areas where we could use outside help, such as third party wallets, integrations, research, third party tools, community building or marketing.

To help evaluate the proposals, we will be appointing a committee comprised of a mix of core team members with external members, all with technical ability and familiarity with the project. We intend to appoint 5 or 6 members total. Thus far, we have the following who have expressed their willingness and interest to assist with this (not final).

  1. Reuben Yap (Project Steward)
  2. praxit (Core team developer)
  3. Kristy Leigh O’Minehan (From NEM/XYM and Progpow co-author)
  4. David Burkett (Grin++)
  5. Aram Jivanyan (Firo research team)
  6. Unfilled

These positions (with the exception of me) will be remunerated some FIRO for the time they put into evaluating these proposals and giving their opinions. This of course will be weighed together with general community feedback.

We will be posting more details on this soon but wanted to gauge community feedback.


Goog Job! This is a nice start!

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What about getting some e-commerce payment gateways built?

Hi! Why not but this is more about the structure of the grants program and how it would look like :slight_smile:

Strong team already from many angles – looks good!

Hi this is Savil from the telegram chat. Been present in Firo since before nodes came live. If my skills could contribute to looking over proposals and need am extra hand. I would be glad to be a part of this.


With the market correction while I am still all for this. Will be pausing this for now but wish for people to weigh in please!

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