Lock unspent and firo mobile app auto-anonymize

Just wanted to ask if it’s possible to have 1000 firo locked in a masternode, with the firo core app having those funds as lock unspent, and using the mobile firo app without breaking the node (since it automatically hides amounts on sync?
Is there a way to set the mobile app to stop auto hiding the amounts?

Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately the current Firo mobile app will break the masternode as it auto-anonymises everything (so please do not use the same seed from your desktop wallet!)

There is no way currently to stop the mobile app from auto anonymising (hiding) the amounts. You might want to give Stack Wallet a try.

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An option is to point masternode rewards to your mobile wallet address if that’s something you would be interested in.

I think being able to use a mobile wallet app for masternodes should be a goal. I would much rather use a dedicated android device for this purpose. To me it seems much more secure, additionally when using a custom ROM like Graphene OS or Copperhead OS.
Otherwise if using a desktop / laptop I would use a dedicated Linux OS, like Qubes OS even though it has a much higher learning curve to use.

Better suggestion.
If it was possible to create a masternode from anonymized 1000 firo, but there is one caveat: when anonymizing 1000 firo, a certain amount of firo is written off and as a result you no get exactly 1000 firo

You always need to account for the transaction fee, so it is always a good idea to have more than 1000 Firo anonymised (maybe 1000.1)