Listing proposal from LBank

Hi team and community,

this is Gail, LBank exchange listing agent.

Anyway, I find this amzing project, do you guys have the interest to list in LBank? LBank is a top10 exchange on coinmarketcap, has 7 million users covering 210 countries, 1.5 billion daily trading volume, team members are located in 19 countries.

Please Kindly find our website at

Also please check our ranking in CoinMarketCap at

By forming this partnership, we are glad to invite you to become a part of our extremely thriving community where your token can be seen and be promoted in a most effective way. Besides, we also have various packages catering to special needs. We provide services such as Blockchain media flash, AMA, Top crypto media press release, trading pairs ect…

We have various offers with various prices. Feel free to reach me if you are interested or you need a verification.
My telegram handle would be @Lbank_listing_agent. Looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for you proposal, but (I speek for me, not for the team) :

  1. LBank is ranking 15 position in the CMC top, not 10th (spot : derivatives are dangerous for customers and projects).
  2. If you think, as you said, FIRO is a good project, you have to list him for free : a good project don’t have to pay to be listed (the business-model of a good exchange is about transactions fees, not about listings).