Linux : how to put the blockchain directories and the wallet-file in two differents places?


I use Linux and firo-qt wallet.
I want to put the 4 blockchain directories and the wallet-file in two differents places and I can’t.
I have the blockchain directories in the default place.
I have my wallet in my specific “xxx” directory.
I start firo-qt with the option -datadir=xxx. Firo-qt open the wallet.dat file but it no longer finds the 4 blockchain directories : therefore it downloads them again, where my wallet.dat is, and I don’t want.

My 2 questions :
How to have the blockchain and the wallet in different places?
Can the wallet file have a different name of “wallet.dat” (in order to manage several wallets) ?

Extra question :smiley:
A place with an example of a firo.conf (with some option) ?

Thank you

Bitcoin Core introduces the -walletdir option in 0.16.0, but the current Firo is based off 0.14.0 so this option is not available yet.

You can have several different wallets (.dats) in the blockchain directory by starting the client with the -wallet flag. Example:

./firo-qt -wallet=wallet-01.dat
./firo-qt -wallet=name-of-wallet.dat

Ok, thanks anvar, that’s clear.
It would be nice to add the -walletdir option in order to be able to secure this directory, without being unnecessarily obliged to secure the blockchain which is public (decrypting all the blockchain each time the wallet is opened is very tedious).

I’ll look for another way to secure these wallet files (besides the wallet password itself)…

Worked for me thank you for your help