Limited edition Zcoin branded Satoblades that are made of 100% SAE 304 stainless steel for sale for $69! - shipping included. Proceeds will go to the Zcoin dev fund! Email [email protected] if interested!

A while back we collaborated with Satoblade to release a Zcoin branded Satoblade to allow you to more securely backup your mnemonic seed phrases as opposed to having paper which can degrade or fade… The Satoblade is made entirely of stainless steel 304 which has corrosion and heat resistance.

The Satoblade works very well with mnemonics as well as the BIP39 standard only requires the first four letters of each word to be written down. The Satoblade supports 104 characters and for a 24 word mnemonic, you only need 96 (max) characters. They also work for any coin that has BIP39 support.

This is a limited edition and there will only be 100 units ever available .

We will be selling these to raise funds for our Zcoin development fund! They are 69 USD each inclusive of global shipping (except for some remote locations).

If you would like one, please drop an e-mail to [email protected]! We accept payment in Zcoin, BTC or USDT.