Lelantus to Spark migration workarounds

With the Spark hard fork at block 819300, you can no longer create Lelantus mints. Any Lelantus mints you have needs to be migrated to Spark while going through a transparent address before block 1223500.

In the event that you were unable to click on “Click Here” on migration banner in Firo Qt to migrate your Lelantus Mints to Spark mints, the following workarounds can be attempted.

Notes (Read before using workaround)

NOTE 1: After the hard fork, your private balance will appear as 0 even when you have Lelantus mints. To check how many Lelantus mints you have, enable coin control (Settings → Options → Wallet → Enable coin control features), go to the Send tab, make sure you are in Private Balance mode and click on the Inputs button below Coin Control Features.

NOTE 2: (For Method 1 to 3) If you have a lot of Lelantus mints or a lot of small mints, the GUI might appear to be non-responsive while the migration transactions are created. If this is not acceptable, please try migrating manually using the joinsplit method below.

NOTE 3: If you have any Spend to yourself or Mint spark to yourself transactions that has the status 0/offline, has not been successfully broadcast yet, please attempt a rebroadcast first. If still unsuccessful, please abandon those transactions and go with the joinsplit method, or manually send to a Spark address to mint.

Workarounds (Use only one)

  1. Unlock wallet with walletpassphrase "YOURPASSWORD" 30 in the Debug Console. You should be able to “Click here” in the migration banner.

  2. Go to Send tab and attempt a transparent Send. A window should pop up asking you to go private. Proceed to private, then another window should pop up asking you to migrate from Lelantus to Spark.

  3. Use the lelantustospark RPC in the Debug Console. This requires you to unlock the wallet first with walletpassphrase.

  4. Use the joinsplit RPC in the Debug Console to spend Lelantus to a new transparent address, then send those to Spark. This requires you to unlock the wallet first with walletpassphrase.

  • Repeat as necessary until the Lelantus balance is exhausted.

  • Example:

  • joinsplit "{\"TR9EJBm5DntFrm1LxhvirYdse9TkHooNby\":10}"

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