Lelantus Spark testnet launching on the 31st July 2023!

Get ready for the Lelantus Spark testnet launch on the 31st July, 2023!
Join us as we usher in a new era of blockchain privacy. Stay tuned for more details and check out our latest blog post to learn more!


@wind_and_free the moment you’ve been waiting for is coming soon! I told you we were very close :slight_smile:

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It’s finally here. It’s finally here.It’s finally here.

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what time ?

I don’t know a particular time or block height, but I have asked and will relay once I hear back.

The test net will go live tomorrow, but I don’t seem to have seen any relevant publicity at present. Isn’t the marketing plan you saw last time used this time?

Not entirely sure if I understand what you mean?
We’ve been making a lot of posts about it, various mediums such as Cypherpunk times have covered it, Reuben has mentioned it not only in a series of videos on our channel but also during Twitter Spaces, interviews, etc. Our social medias have also been putting out content regarding it.