Legacy Znodes to the new Deterministic Znodes system migration : some questions

Hi all,
I read the tuto about the next ZNode migration (https://github.com/zcoinofficial/zcoin/wiki/Migrating-your-Legacy-Znodes-to-the-new-Deterministic-Znodes-system), and I have 2 simples questions.

  1. The Deterministic ZNode registering command is to be entering in the local wallet debug windows console ?
  2. In the begining of the document, there is this generic protx command : “protx register collateralHash collateralIndex ipAndPort ownerAddress operatorPubKey votingAddress operatorReward payoutAddress feeSourceAddress”. Below, there is no more the term “operatorPubKey”, but there is the term “operatorKey”. “operatorPubKey” and “operatorKey” are the same thing ?
    Probably some others questions after the june 22…
    Thank you.
  1. The commands are to be entered in the local wallet’s Debug Console. Think of it as registering the Znode from the same wallet that holds the 1000 XZC collateral and you should be good to go.

  2. operatorPubKey and operatorKey are different things (see Step 4)
    operatorKey : the secret output of the bls generate command
    operatorPubKey: the public output of the bls generate command

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Thank Anvar for reply.
I confused between “operatorReward” in the generic command in the begining of the tuto and the “operatorKey” bellow in the document (step4) : are they the same things ?

operatorReward and operatorKey are different things.

operatorReward is the percentage of the Znode reward you pay to your Znode operator. Setting this to 0 is recommended for most cases. Step 5 explains more.

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Ok, thank you.
OperatorKeys (secret) is for the Znode’s zcoin.conf file on the VPS, for self-hosted ZNodes. It is not used in the registration command for the ZNode “migration” after the fork.
My bad :slight_smile:

operatorKey (secret) is not used in the migration with the protx register command, but operatorPubKey (public) is.

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