Kraken listing?

I’m thinking of buying some Firo if the price goes down more. A Kraken listing would save others and me the trouble of going through an intermediary exchange like TradeOgre, and might increase interest in the currency.

Has the team made any progress on this front? You might want to reach out to them.

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According to Reality of exchange listings, attracting institutional investors and influencer marketing , you guys might have to pay for listings. That probably explains why you don’t see Firo on a lot of exchanges despite them listing a ton of these scammy ERC tokens. But I think firo is pretty legit so we could probably get it listed without paying, no?


I never know about that mechanics… 8( I’ve brought on Binance so long time ago 8)

Who exactly mean by “you guys”?

It was explained already many times in Telegram group and most.likely also on this forum. Firo is honest coin, you cannot compare it with ERC20 tokens who were created in 15 minutes and 80% of supply was takes side for promotion, listing fees, etc…

If we as community will be strong and Firo will be more known they may want to list us for free.

Otherwise you can chip in some cash and also find more people who see it as priority and are able and willing to pay for that too.


I believe our volumes would need to pick up to be considered. We had some preliminary discussions with them before.


I’m as a member in firo community just support what the best dev do for develop firo. Keep it up and if it is good for listing in kraken lets do it but if it there is somethinh obstacle to list it then let’s talk what is the problem and fix it together dor the best solution.


I have no idea what anyone here knows as far as how to buy Firo (though I have to assume most of you are quite familiar with what exchanges it’s listed on), but even if you have a favorite exchange that you use, I wouldn’t discount those instant exchanges like ChangeNow (which I use to buy Firo exclusively since the only other viable option for me is CoinEx which I detest).

If I’m not mistaken, their fees are pretty low and you also don’t have to do KYC or even go through the hassle of logging into a website.

It’s not really my business seeing as how I’m a new member whose opinion counts for little, but I think if the dev team is concerned with Firo’s adoption, it’s popularity, and it’s price they’d make it a priority to get it listed on as many exchanges as possible–and at the very least the most popular ones.

That isn’t criticism; it’s already listed on more exchanges than most other altcoins I keep an eye on, so most of the work has already been done. What’s this about volume and getting Firo onto Kraken? Did they give you a hard number, Reuben?

Who uses Kraken anymore, anyway? They seem to have almost gone the path of Poloniex–once dominant, now almost irrelevant.