Issue while registering master node in electrum wallet

after prepared VPS and synchronized when press register in master node tab it give me error

“The server returned an error when broadcasting the transaction.
Consider trying to connect to a different server, or updating Firo Electrum.

the syntax of transaction is :
Tx Type: ProRegTx, MN alias: MasterNode

ProRegTx Version: 1
type: 0, mode: 0
operatorReward: 0

so, is there any documentation for master node registration from Electrum wallet ,
I searched even in dash electrum wallet and did not find a solution.

We do not support creating masternode with Electrum.

Having said that, could you double-check that the collateral address has 1000 Firo, and that you are supplying the correct address during registration?

What is this? Since when is Electrum-firo not supported for creating a node?

thank you for your reply.I wanted to use electrum because it has masternodes tab and gui registeration process and do not want to download all 7 GB of blockchain but now I have to do it. I was familiar with making masternodes with allmasternodes platform but since they raised hosting cost I have to make masternode by myself for the first time and I think it will be better and save money during this bear market.

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