Is it possible to run multiple master nodes with same IP but with different ports other than 9999?

I just bought over 6700 coins and I want to run 6 masternodes.
Is it possible to run multiple masternodes with same IP but with different ports other than 9999?

I’ve not tried this yet, but I can change the default “9999” port number in Electrum-Firo lite desktop wallet to something else.

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No. One ip one node. You can use hosting

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Congratulations on your purchase of 6700 FIRO: it is an excellent choice, at a very good time at the current price.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to host several FIRO masternodes behind the same IP and/or TOR address: this is the answer of the team.
However, this possibility would be a very big advantage for FIRO by removing the potential problem of nodes concentration among hosts (‘allnodes’ and a few others).
I still hope that the technical team will one day be able to provide this functionality: it seems to me that they have done much more complicated in the past.

do you think this is a low price? due to anonymity, firo is removed from the exchanges. some time

It is historically a price close to the lowest (in BTC): FIRO (ex-ZCoin) was worth 30 times more expensive in its beginnings.
Exchanges do what they want and usually steal their overly naive (and overly greedy) customers.
FIRO is listed on the most important exchange.

The price is relatively low.
In the past I’ve bought Firo at ~$1.3 and sold it at ~$5 (3.8x).
Due to next year economic recession it probably can go down further to ~$1.1-1.2, while BTC about ~$13k.

Regarding the requirement of unique IP & multiple masternodes, I think it should be documented in this page Firo masternode setup guide | Firo - Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency .

The guide show you how to set up a masternode on a VPS (virtual private server), as well as how to secure your masternode from intruders. The reason that it works with the guide is because each new VPS you spin up will have a new IP address. You could also try to contact your ISP and see if you can reserve a block if IP addresses rather then a static IP.
Remember your personal IP(s) associated with the masternodes will be shown also a VPS will have redundancies to help keep your master node up. Which is probably why the team wrote the guide using a VPS. Its easier to depend on the security of a VPS over your own depending on how your home network is set up and your personal skill level in securing your network.

I personally dont own a masternode yet, so this is just a thought, but it might be possible to proxy your personal rigs to a VPS in order to save some money on the VPS cost if you have the equipment ready at home.

Apparently the masternode setup guide was outdated.
I’ve tried to to run firod on VPS (KVM, 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD, no swap) and crashed. I have to add +2GB swap to make it work.
firod can take 1.7 GB RAM when first downloading the blockchain. And then consume 0.9-1.2GB RAM when idle (after reboot).

The proxy on VPS and accessing it from home is very good idea. In my country It only cost $2.25 USD for the cheapest VPS (OpenVZ, 1GB RAM, 20GB HDD).
If next year the price still low, I can buy more and run up to 14 masternodes and run it using Intel NUC or DeskMini in my home.


I have updated the guide to ensure swap is mandatory.