Is it possible for Firo to generate vanity addresses for its users?

I am just thinking if Firo is able to integrate vanity address generator into its QT wallet, while using the computational power of the miners to generate such addresses? A vanity address is a receiver address that contains some words inside it such as “Firo”, “Lelantus” etc.

Advantages of a vanity address:
-Businesses can associate their brand with the address.
-Users can personalise their addresses according to their wish
-More fun!
-Those vanity addresses which are computationally intensive to generate can be sold in online marketplace as NFTs just like domain names. Maybe Firo can get the publicity for being the first one to implement it!

-Users can associate a vanity address to a real user. So less privacy for those who choose to use it.
(But with receiver address privacy (RAP), I think this problem can be solved)

Any opinions are welcomed!

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Firo should work with Vanitygen. But hitting specific addresses is insanely resource intensive so it is best left up to the individual or entity how much and what they want to put into it.

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I would personally not want to use address generated somewhere else, outside of my computers as it seems less safe. Let say, bad miner will change mining software to save all private keys of vanity addresses he generates and once there will be enough Firo on them he will steal them.

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