Invalid prev_hash error when sending

Hi. I am trying to send some firo with electrum, but keep getting these error messages.

If I go to “Coins” and manually select some “output points”, I see that with some of the output I keep getting these errors, and I can’t send these coins. So they are just stuck.


Are you trying to send coins from a specific address?

If so, Right click > Spend. Then Send as usual.

On another note, Are the coins you are trying to spend are masternode reward coins from the same masternode address?

I’ve had the same thing happen a while ago, for me it turned out to be a 3.125 firo masternode reward that keeps giving that “prev_hash” error when those coins happen to be selected for an outgoing transaction.

I “fixed” it by freezing those coins, so they don’t get selected in the output points.