Improving Firo liquidity with Hummingbot and Report

We’re into our third week of our liquidity mining campaign with Hummingbot that incentivizes anyone to be rewarded with Firo for providing liquidity for Firo on Binance.

Things are going well and we intend to continue with this campaign.

Here are some statistics that we are making public for transparency:

Total bots actively participating are about 80 of them spread across the three pair FIRO/BTC, FIRO/ETH, FIRO/USDT. You can see the number of participants are increasing steadily.

There are about 135 distinct miners that have run bots on Firo.

A total of USD 7.6M volume was filled during this time period.

Miners’ volume occupy as healthy 10% of total Binance volume with the exception of the ETH pair.

Miners are providing liquidity near the ±1% mark.

For the next campaign, we intend to focus on the liquidity of the BTC and USDT pairs that show the most interest.

For further info on how to participate read here.