I have problems with deposit on Binance

I am new in FIRO (started mining at the end of 2020), so I know very little about trading etc.
I decided to try trading. I made a Binance account few days ago and had a problem saying that there is a some sort of maintenance and FIRO deposits are currently disabled.
Today I checked binance and it looks like FIRO deposits should now work. I copied the addres under “Firo” tab (there is also a BEP20 tab but I think that this address is not for me) and pasted it into Firo core. To test the first deposit I set the amount to 1 FIRO and I think set the slider in the bottom of the screen to 30min (from private balance).
After few hours the transaction is stil unconfirmed (the amount is in [ ] brackets) and Binance shows nothing in deposit history.

Has anyone made FIRO deposit in Binance before? Did I miss something?
Your help is much appreciated!

Private transactions are currently disabled.

To return the FIRO to your wallet, right-click on the transaction, choose ‘Abandon Transaction’ and restart your wallet.

Thank you for your help! I have already done that before when I had a problem with anonymizing.
Does it have something to do with that I sent FIRO from private balance? Do I have to send it from transparent balance so Binance would be able to get it? Have I done something wrong?

“Private transactions are currently disabled”
I missed that. Is there a way to make private balance transparent again?

Yes, you can send from transparent balance to Binance.

No, currently with Lelantus disabled you cannot make a private to transparent transaction.