How to return unconfirmed FIRO from mint/spend transaction

This guide is written specifically for the event in the link below. It might not apply to other circumstances.

Lelantus is currently disabled.

If you made any Lelantus mint/spend transaction during this time, the transaction will not be confirmed. You can return the FIRO used for the transactions by following the steps below.

Right-click on the transaction, choose ‘Abandon Transaction’ and restart your wallet.

The FIRO should return to either your private balance (if spend transaction), or transparent balance (if mint transaction).

If the balance is not reflected correctly after a restart or it was too long between the transaction creation and abandonment, please start your wallet with the -rescan option. This will rescan your wallet and will take some time, usually less than half an hour. The correct balance should be displayed once the wallet has completed the rescan process.

Please follow this guide for how to start your wallet with the -rescan option. Take note to replace -reindex-chainstate in the guide with -rescan.