How to monitor your Znode using Zelcore+

Quick guide for adding a Znode to Zelcore+ monitoring.

Open Zelcore+ and go to Apps

Click on Znodes

Click on “Add new Znode for Monitoring” in the top right corner.

Type in the IP of the node you want to monitor.

To get Mobile Alerts, click “Add to Mobile” in the top right corner.

Scan the qrcode

You will now receive notifications both on your desktop Zelcore+ wallet as well as your mobile device.

~$50 a year for zelcore+
Also, 404s all over their faqs and site. Honestly, there should be an iOS app for just monitoring nodes. Is there a way for me to put up a bounty for someone to create an app to just monitor nodes?

Also, can you label this with the new node category please :pray:

Category updated :+1: