How can I stop a Electron Wallet Masternode and make the Coin unlocked?

help!I don’t know how to do,and I can‘t get any infomation from the Firo masternode setup guide:Firo masternode setup guide | Firo - Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency

You can see here for the QT wallet
I hope for you it is similar for the Electron wallet.

What the fuck! and the Firo price to the hell now.

THank you!In Electron wallet,no the " Enable coin control",no the "‘Use Transparent Balance’ ".my god

In the Electron wallet is there a “console mode” ?
If there is, perhaps have you some commands to make what you want to do (make help command to get all the available commands).
Sorry, but I never use the Electron wallet.

Using Electron wallet is really a disaster,It assumes that every user is a computer expert

. where are you reuben. * Message


It is a bug that we are looking into.

You can use QT wallet at the moment.

You can load the wallet.dat into QT wallet and unlock your coins from there.

  1. Backup your wallet before proceeding.
  2. Close Electron
  3. Install QT wallet
  4. Copy the wallet into the qt wallet directory
  5. launch the QT wallet and let it sync
  6. unlock your collateral

Why hasn’t this bug been released? It cost me $23000 now,

Did you go to the settings and select “Allow Coins control to break masternode”
Select the coins in transparent balance via Coincontrol and spend it?

I suggest the team form detailed operation documents of various wallets as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect the popularity and application of Firo. This time I encountered a problem, but I couldn’t find a specific solution to the problem. I lost a lot of money, but I won’t be the last one.