Hi Im a newbie - trying to restore wallet into 2 computers

I would like to use one wallet into 2 computers, is this possible?

Im having a hard time with the wallet tutorial. Pls, help!

I was able to install and backup a new wallet on my laptop. I would like to have the same wallet installed on my desktop.
How can I do this? If I make a new installation on my desktop, its a different wallet.
Pls help! Thanks!


After you have encrypted and backed up the wallet you installed on the first machine. Do the following

  1. Install the wallet on the second machine.
  2. Replace the wallet.dat file with a copy of your back up from the first machine.
  3. rescan the wallet

The above works BUT it also means you now have twice the attack surface for an asshat to get to grips with. If you just need data on the second machine but not sending etc a better option is using the Electron wallet on it and importing the addresses you want monitored as “Watchonly” addresses where the electron wallet will keep track of them for you but not be able to do anything with the balances.