Help from the Community!

Hey Firofam!

I’m writing up this thread to provide a list of items that the project could really use help from the community with. I will be periodically updating this list on this thread to make it easier for everyone to keep track of what we need help with, what we no longer need help with, etc.

  1. Improved tip bot

Our tip bot right now works separately on Discord and Telegram. We would like it if it could be made to work simultaneously on both so that members on Discord and Telegram can grab from the same envelope! You can find the GitHub for the current Firo tip bot here: GitHub - firoorg/firo_tipbot

If at all possible, it would also be appreciated if it could be made to work on Twitter. However, if not possible, we would also really appreciate a tip bot for Firo that can be utilized on Twitter!

  1. Expand on services that accept Firo!

This is self-explanatory. The use case is crucial for any currency! Reach out anywhere and everywhere to get Firo accepted! Cards, emails, you name it!

  1. Firo P2Pool mining pool

Interest in this has been expressed in the past within the community as an alternative to the traditional mining pools. I have already talked to someone about the possibility, and they have been mulling it over. The biggest factor for this one, I would say, is whether miners in our community would actually take advantage of this.

  1. P2P Trades (with fiat)

This has been brought up within the community numerous times. The creation of a “localFiro” and all like that of localMonero. We’re just as interested in the creation of a website for P2P trades of Firo with fiat, but this isn’t inside the purview of the team. They’re also too busy with Spark, Elysium, etc. to be able to focus on this at the same time.


Putting down brain dump here:
DCRDex integration
Cakewallet integration (once Spark comes out)
Bitcoin Core upgrade and optimizations
GUI speed optimizations
Forum Discourse plugin to work together with CCS to have main body of post in forum too
Spark multisig tooling


Regards to point no.2 is there any requirement to be registered as Firo merchant?

Just that you accept Firo. Of course, we need to know this as well as what your product or service is to add you as a merchant on the merchant tab (under community) on our website.

Hey guys, someone has contacted me about the Firo P2P Pool, but wants to make sure that there are miners who would utilize it before he puts time into it. Miners, if you’re interested in a P2P Pool for Firo please confirm that would you would be interested! Questions? Stipulations? Share them here!

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Is there still a need for this?

At the moment, Pexpay performs this task well, with high liquidity and a wide choice of ways to get fiat.

LocalBitcoins is being closed, for a reason. Nowadays it is not safe to be an operator of such a P2P service, Bitzlato is proof of that.


Some miners asked questions about the P2Pool, and so I am sharing the response I provided for them here for any onlookers.

When I spoke with the volunteer, they said that a certain critical mass of miners is necessary, and normally it requires a full node run on the miner. However, after speaking with him, he thinks that there’s an 80% chance he could make it so that a full node isn’t required, but no guarantees.

The pros of P2Pool would be
There is no managing the P2P Pool
Small statistical advantages increasing income
Control over your own pool node
Immediate payments
Helps to protect and keep the network decentralized

Downsides are
Initial setup is more complicated
More CPU, RAM, and internet bandwidth is required
Higher payout variance
Small transaction fees when spending if you receive many small payouts.

LocalBitcoins is closing because of trading volumes. This isn’t shocking. Bitcoin has tons of card options. We do not. Bitcoin has ATMs. We do not. Bitcoin is listed everywhere. We are not. Rinse and repeat. It’s not comparable. LocalMonero is more comparable, and even then, Firo is still not in the same position.

Something like “LocalFiro” could provide a lot of options that are superior to other options. Trading goods in person in exchange for Firo, as a currency, should be. No KYC trade of Firo for fiat. There’s also no harm in having additional options. Relying on any individual avenue is dangerous.

That being said, there are definitely various things to keep in mind such as upkeep and all, and you’re not wrong - there is assuredly legality risk. If not now, potentially in the future. However, LocalMonero is proof there is a way. That being said, this is ultimately up to the community to do. Opportunity is there, but whether someone takes advantage of it is another topic entirely, haha.

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I like Pexpay but for those who are privacy conscious, the requirement for KYC is a non starter.


I would be down to give the P2P Pool a shot.

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As in mining or developing?