Haveno listing?

There’s this decentralized coin-coin marketplace in the works called “Haveno” which is basicially Bisq, but based on monero. I think this is something you ought to look into if you haven’t already. Could really be a boon for Firo usage and awareness.

Looks like someone has already requested a firo listing ([Crypto] Add Firo · Issue #49 · haveno-dex/listing · GitHub). I assume that because firo is based on bitcoin, that you’ll have an easier time setting up the HLTCs needed for doing atomic swaps?

Should be quite easy given that we’re already having Atomic swaps on FiroDEX / AtomicDEX

It’s a little bit non-trivial because there is no scripting on the XMR side, but some people figured out how to make it work on the XMR side using something call “adaptor signatures”. But so long as firo scripting is compatible with BTC scripting, something like COMIT’s XMR-BTC swap should work fine with minimal changes

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