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It used to be very good trezor support for Firo, but now they have removed firo from it listings. You can still use firo with trezor using firo-electrum, but what I am missing is seeing all my wallets at once.

Now I have to type in m/44’/136’/0’, then m/44’/136’/1’, then m/44’/136’/2’ and m/44’/136’/3’ etc and check each wallet individually. Is there a better way?

Is better hardware wallet support planned? Are trezor going to re-enable Firo so it shows up the same way at bitcoin in Trezor Suite? And is it way to see all my “wallets” at once, and my total firo, without having to manually sort through them?


Trezor still supports FIRO

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Yes, I know Trezor “support” Firo. As I very clearly write in my post, I use Trezor with Firo. What I am saying is that the support is poor, you can not use Trezor suite, you can not use the Firo core wallet, you can not use the brand new Firo client written in vue. It’s no good option out there.

The only option is a fork of ElectrumX, where you have you have to type in "m/44’/136’/2’ " manually. Am I the only one here that use a hardware wallet?

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I mean, look at another coin like Cardano, they have AdaLite, Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami, CCVault. That is 5 different wallets, that all have support for Trezor.

Firo has not a single wallet that support hardware wallets, except a fork of someone else’s wallet. If I want to use privacy features and use a hardware wallet, I can’t, I would have to transfer my Firo to a different wallet like Firo Core, and then send the Firo back again to a wallet using ElectrumX. It’s terrible.

How is this not something people ask for? Should this not be a high priority?

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Trezor seems to be very selective on what can be used in Trezor Suite.

wallet.trezor.io used to work until Trezor retired it in favour of the Trezor Suite.

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I am aware of that.

The question remains, is there plans by the Firo development team. To add support for hardware wallets to Firo Core or the Firo client?

When can I sign a private Firo transaction with a hardware wallet? Is this not essential? Should this be a top priority? Or are we all thinking that private transaction should only be done on hot wallets?

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Zcash works with Ledger and Trezor, Monero works with Ledger and Trezor, all the top coins work with hardware wallets. Am I crazy? Am I the only one that care about privacy AND securing my coins with a hardware wallet?

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I think one of the things that we wanted to do was to make sure we weren’t dependent on a particular hardware version especially as we move to Spark addresses.

Trezor/Ledger are quite selective or require a lot of money to build native integration unless we’re of a certain sizes. I believe Trezor got a grant of a million or so to integrate Z-addresses for Zcash and afaik it still hasn’t been delivered. Monero is a bit different since it is not as computationally intensive as the cryptography that we use.

For transparent addresses, we are intending to phase it out and move more to Lelantus Spark addresses to make it the default way people store and interact with Firo. While we won’t drop transparent address support straight away, there are other ways such as building a simple device to act like a hardware wallet for Firo with Spark addresses.

Technically speaking, there’s no reason for Spark addresses NOT to support hardware wallets as we have specifically designed it such that the computational work can be offloaded to a more powerful computer such as your phone or PC while retaining spend authority in the low powered hardware device which is a big advantage over let’s say Z-addresses.

Ideally of course we would have official Trezor/Ledger support but until our community/market cap is larger, third party support via FMT or Electrum is going to be the way to go for a bit as we focus on deploying Lelantus Spark. Then we can take a look at the hardware wallet options whether we should build our own or look into paying for integration in these third party wallets.


Thanks for your response Reuben, I understand there has been a lot of development and changes to the way transactions are done.

I hope when the spark addresses are implemented, hardware wallets is also taken into account

Spark addresses were designed specifically with hardware wallets in mind. It’s whether the respective hardware wallet vendors would support it.


Which wallets will support Spark and HW ?

All our official wallets will support Spark but not sure on hardware wallets since that’s dependent on them wanting to include it. If it continues to be a problem, we might just adapt existing hardware to make it.