GPU mining Issues?

Hello! I’m TheCozplayer but you can call me Coz! I currently have a issue with mining Firo lately. For about two months straight I’ve been mining away with out any issue until yesterday. I have a 2 2060 I use to mine and been using the T-Rex miner to mine on the 2miners pool.

Yesterday apparently my computer has been crashing and restarting randomly out of the blue and I have no idea what to do. I’ve already tried updating the drivers (Do NOT touch the 471.42 update, whenever I execute the .bat file it immediately crashes the PC and it all resets. I’ve tried getting an updated version of the miner but that doesn’t work at all. I’m Currently at my wits end and I have no idea what to do since I want to keep mining. The progress I’ve made so far help me get 41 coins.

I’d share my specs but I currently see an error under everything with Speccy.

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Mate, i’m not that good and cant help much for now… 8(
But, in my experience, nothing can be really random, espacially about hardware and software.
If you are using HIVE… is watchdog correctly configured?

I’m not sure what you mean by HIVE or watchdog as I’m new all of this. All I know is I used the 2miners prepped version of T-Rex, edited the .bat file to make sure all Firo gains went to my Firo wallet and I’ve been smooth sailing from there.

oh… ok… no drama… HIVE is an operating system dedicatet to mining, and watchdog is an automation software that will restart t-rex or the whole pc in case of certain trouble or limits… i suppose you r using win i think t-rex will have also on win a shell windows are you keeping an eye on that? it will be useful to check temperatures, consumption…
Must be something related to the Power supply as well… i think there are a lot of probability… but i’m guessing… 8)

Currently my operating system is Windows 10 as I also use my rig to do personal things.

I do not have Watchdog but I think I’ll get that as soon as my mining situation is fixed.

When it comes to temperatures it doesn’t go over 75°C.

My PSU is a Rosewill 1000 watt modular power supply.

Ohhhh… nice… you are working hard 8)
75 is a lot! …but just in my opinion… i am a “super care guy” and i keep my GPU’s always below 56.
1000W is enough for whatever 8P You know what i suggest you? It’s not necessary, but if you may have fun with that you may do a dual boot WIN + HIVEOS. HIVE is far more simple than other linux distro and you will feel superok also if will be your first linuxOS.
…keep pushing… 8)

…oh… watchdog and t-rex are by default pre-installed on HIVE… 8)

I still not sure what was the issue however I reinstalled windows 10 and it seems like it’s mining once again

Never mind, the miner crashed AGAIN. I’m at my wits end again. Updating the drivers didn’t work(in fact it made it crash even faster), removing and reseating the cards didn’t work and now reinstalling windows 10 didn’t work?! I don’t know what to do.

Add some additional error messages and screenshots?

I don’t get any error message, the whole computer crashes and reboots as if it was like I hit the reset button on the tower or using the restart button at the start menu. There’s no blue screen or any indication of an error, the entire computers crashes and reboots. Even looking at windows event viewer simply says “The system has rebooted without cleaning shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed or lost power unexpectedly.” That’s all I ever get from the event viewer and I don’t know what to do.

If it helps, both GPUs are inserted into the motherboard and my motherboard is a ROG STRIX X370-F

MTP pushes all the hardware to it’s limits. Sounds like your 2x2060 GPUs should run fine on a 1000W PSU. You have to ask yourself - since things were running okay for a couple of months - what has changed? Room temperature higher due to outside weather being hotter, Windows Update (FIXED your computer) - etc.

The things that people (myself included) have problems with - are usually the following: You may have a riser board/cable issue that doesn’t show up with other coins or at lower room temperatures (I had to replace a couple of flaky riser boards) - yours are mother board connected - so that wouldn’t be it - but typed it here in case other read this … Also - if you are using any of those power splitter cables - don’t - get rid of them - and run all your GPUs directly from the PSUs. Power glitches can be a real issue for some people - do you have your system plugged into a good sinewave UPS - if not that may be the issue.

Are you having any issues mining any other coins - like ETH or Raven?

I tried mining BTG via Gminer but even that caused my PC to completely crash like T-Rex.

I’m don’t remember any windows updates or anything like that. I went as far as to reinstall windows 10 on my main HDD and I always did everything I could to make sure the GPUs didn’t break over 75°C.

What I don’t understand is what a sinewave UPS is, you kinda got me lost there.

If you power glitches - even for a split second - it can cause your PSU to lose power and hang your PC. A UPS is an ‘Uninterruptible Power Supply’. It’s basically a surge protector plus a battery backup unit that keeps your equipment running for a minute or so if the power goes out. You plug it into the wall, and plug all your expensive equipment into it. For the newer PSUs you need one of the sinewave ones (rather than the simulated sinewave types). Amazon has ones like this that would handle your 1000W PSU:
CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System, 1500VA/1000W, 12 Outlets, AVR, Mini Tower

I do have a power strip and I checked to confirm that the PSU is connected to it but why would it be a power issue if I was mining for 2 months without any issue? Before I reinstalled Windows, speccy gave me the error code 0x80041002 and looking up online showed me there were only hotfixes for Windows 7 and 8 but not 10. I don’t see that error code anymore since I reinstalled Windows 10.

Maybe one of the GPUs are faulty? I’ll see how long I can mine with each card separately to see which one is the one that causes the crash.

The Zed answer is the correct things to do for a diagnostic : what as changed ?

In addition : do you have a “pause” at the end of your bat file to eventually see an error message from T-Rex before the crash (or look for a log fle in the directory) ?
And yes, it is a good thing to test each GPU in a mono GPU configuration.

this is what the .bat file looks like

@echo off
t-rex -a mtp -o stratum+tcp:// -u a77nkEi2tBg1J9NPu9BZRTSyWC9kxHZbXA.TheCozplayer -p x
goto start

it all looks right anyways I haven’t changed anything

Aight so I’m running the miner now and seeing how long it’s gonna run before it crashes, however this struck me a little odd as i’ve never seen the miner do the OK thing for 1 gpu 3 times in a row like that

Maate, if i’ll be you, that will be my plan:

  1. (if possible) flash an HD with hiveos (you’llhave a lot more control on eveything and make yourself sure that winn10 cannot give other possible trouble)
  2. start the machine and keep your GPU below 60°
    …if something bat still happens: try a different PSU (may be your have some fault… you may borrow one from a friend maybe… just for test 8) )

keep pushing 8)

To set the GPU temp range. just low down the max Watts consumption and leave all the clocks at default setting! 8)