Get Mia Khalifa To Shill FIRO

I think it would be a good idea to get get Mia Khalifa (@miakhalifa) to be a sponsor of FIRO.
She has millions of fans from her previous career as an adult film star and has recently been active in investing, in particular with Dogecoin. Her rates should not be that expensive and I believe that this would be a good use of marketing funds to get some more klout.


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I’m personally not convinced about this. It’s not about her, but rather the image that we send back by paying for it.

We need people to talk about us not because they we’re grassely paid off, but because they are absolutely convinced by our tech and the matter of privacy.

Let spread the word all together!

I believe someone checked and it’s a 6 figure amount nowadays.

the 6 figure number might be to sleep with her…
not for tweet shout out.

Anyways, the memetic marketing needs to be worked on. meme powers do work, regardless how u feel about the tactics

maybe it works, the anyway let everyone know about firo. but few people know firo. it is bad to distribution charackter.