General announcements!

Zcoin and ZKThreads have partnered up for a shirt giveaway to some lucky winners!

Check it out at -

We are pleased to share the results of the Lelantus cryptographic library audit by Trail of Bits!

The audit was substantially funded by community donations from the Zcoin Crowdfunding System (ZCS) and the balance from the Zcoin Development Fund.

Catch Aram and Reuben at #FutureProof (hosted by Blockstack and Dystopia Labs) on
“Why Trusted Setup Is No Longer Necessary For Privacy”

22nd August 2020, 8:00PM PT. (in about 16 hours from this being posted)

Registration is free!


Reuben Yap, Zcoin’s Project Steward will be a panelists on CryptoMondaysVR discussing “The future of money beyond 2020”

The Fireside Chat will done over VR and livestreamed on YouTube. The meetup will be at 7:30pm EST (About 8 hours away from this posting)

RSVP on Meetup:


Zcoin’s first halving is set to happen on block 302438 (approximately 24th September 2020) which also marks the end of Founders’ Rewards.

Find out the effects of halving and what’s next here:

The block number for the first ZCoin halving was originaly at block 305,000.
Now, I read on the website, the block number 302,438 : why ?
Even if the blocktime is not exactly 5 mn, why to choose a date (approximately september 24) and not a block number ?

Watch Reuben Yap of Zcoin $XZC talk about Zcoin’s upcoming Lelantus Protocol, and privacy in cryptocurrency on the
Digital Cash Network.

Reuben explains the main approaches to obfuscating transactions, from the decoy approach to the encryption approach (and hybrid models), and the different strengths and drawbacks of each. He also explains in detail the Lelantus protocol, Zcoin’s new privacy implementation, and how it can revolutionize the way financial transactions are kept confidential.

Binance has enabled Isolated Margin trading for XZC/BTC and XZC/USDT pairs!

They are also hosting a zero-interest promotion for borrowing XZC from 2020/09/17 6:00 AM (UTC) to 2020/09/24 05:59 AM (UTC).

Happy Trading!

Naomi Brockwell and Edge Wallet’s CEO Paul Puey are going have just gone live to talk about Zcoin, our history and our Lelantus privacy technology!
Catch them on the link below:

As bankers and regulators around the world try to discredit privacy focused cryptocurrencies as a potential money laundering risk despite little evidence, banks continue to launder dirty money, often knowingly. #fincenfiles

Join Zcoin and other leading privacy and zkp projects at the ZKP & Privacy Summit which will take place on Mon Oct 19th.

:white_check_mark: RSVP Tickets are free!

By popular vote has chosen to list trading pair XZC/USDT!
With a goal of 10,000,000 votes Zcoin received an amazing 48,045,443 votes!

:fire::fire::fire: Lelantus is coming :fire::fire::fire:

:fire::fire::fire: Lelantus is coming :fire::fire::fire:
:rocket: Testnet launch on Tuesday, October 20th :rocket:

$XZC $ZEC $XMR #privacycoin #privacy #blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrencies #Lelantus

“Privacy is also a check and balance between the state and citizen” - Reuben Yap, Project Steward for Zcoin.

Our Lelantus paper has been updated significantly by Aram Jivanyan

It describes a new way to do direct anonymous transfers with shielded addresses, contains formal security proofs for the payment protocol and updated performance benchmarks.

Also includes fixes from our cryptographic audit with ABDK Consulting.

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Huobi Global Supports XZC to be Renamed FIRO.

Market will be closed to facilitate the change and reopened once complete.

Leading exchange has announced support for the Zcoin $XZC rebrand to Firo $FIRO. has completed the rebrand to Firo with ticker change.

Read the announcement here:

Don’t forget to support Firo at tomorrows AtomicDex stress test!

Firo’s Spotlight event will be happening from 11:30 PM UTC 12 Dec to 1:30 AM UTC.

Lots of cash prices up for grabs! :moneybag:

More details and registration at: