Fusible FIRO(small coin XZC) dear, it is recommended that you destroy 7 million coins. Relevant introduction: Bitcoin, reserve currency available, FIRO, anonymous reserve currency

Fly molten COINS firo (XZC small coin) why born from a much-anticipated taken the discrimination to the final, suffering, fear all day long, all don’t want to hold for a long time, is holding the play it ran mentality, in the final analysis the root cause is fly molten COINS was born to lose at the starting line, and it was born at the same time big coin zec, is also the same tragic fate. At the time, the small and large coins, which were billed as the latest anonymous technology, were technically fine, and the consensus was that these two coins,Why, in the end, have prices been stagnant for four years? The problem is that the inflation level of flying coins is higher than that of Bitcoin. Litecoin is not a little bit higher. Facts have proved that people will starve to death in the blockchain world just talking about feelings! In the past four years, the inflation rate in the first year of 2017 is 100%+, in the second year 2018 is 50%, in the third year 2019 is 33%, and in the fourth year 2020 is 25%. In the same period, the inflation rate of other currencies is only around 1% to 5%, and 5% will be cursed to death. In 2021, bitcoin inflation is only about 1.8 percent, and small and small coins are about 10 percent. That’s the difference! Ten times the difference!!
This is not lost on the starting line, this is directly lost on the bottom of the foot. From the change of the name of the DEVELOPMENT team, we can see that the development team is still eager to change, but it is not enough to change the name only without changing it. Firo the most fatal weakness is later than COINS and coin Wright was born for several years, the two remaining undiscovered number, firo inflation expectations are higher than the currency, COINS, Wright ChiBiRen long-term cash enthusiasm is greatly reduced, selling pressure, same conditions on several Banks to save money, would you choose high interest rates and low interest rates Banks? In the ever-changing world of blockchain, you’re born a few years behind,And this is a few years behind with no contribution to the coinage and its holders. Why should we start from scratch? Why human knowledge can be inherited, property can be inherited, blockchain can not be inherited? As soon as FIRO is born, why can’t the total AMOUNT of FIRO be determined directly according to the number of unmined bitcoins, and then halve the amount once every four years according to bitcoins? The mined amount is the same, and the halved amount is the same. To compete on the same starting line is fair competition, and there are no victims in the destruction process,The unmined quantity decreases, the inflation decreases to the same level as bitcoin, the expectation of currency price appreciation increases, the enthusiasm of miners to mine and store coins increases, and the selling pressure decreases. Nowadays inflation is so high that miners dare not deposit money. In the same way, it also increases the appreciation enthusiasm of the currency holders. ​​​
The blockchain world does not need to follow the rules, step by step, fear, code and law, we need to develop according to the best solution and modify our laws through consensus to protect the interests of the community. Recommendations for the FIRO community and firO development team
Reference currency unexploited amount remaining 3 million, firo unexploited number 10 million, firo destroyed 7 million directly, the remaining amount of the number of COINS, four years halving production reference currency or direct tian horse-racing, be bold, undeveloped amount remaining 3 million, firo production every four years to 2 years, half in half, a block of time to 1 to 2 minutes, the ultimate goal is to speed up the confirmation of time at the same time remaining dollar amount and the currency also after more than one hundred years after mining. We compete at the same starting line. This time, XZC was renamed to take advantage of the voting function and fully solicit the opinions of the community. This is the beginning of the opening and autonomy of XZC. It is suggested to follow up the success and make full use of DCR’s decentralized voting community governance function to improve FIRO.
The block chain industry, decentralized governance, consensus, say change, firO’s long-term goal is to become an anonymous reserve currency, the short-term goal is, for the pull disk. Pull is the real anonymous reserve currency. Our goal is to destroy an excess number of FIRO, compete on the same starting line as Bitcoin, equal, Bitcoin, searchable reserve currency, FIRO, anonymous reserve currency. ​​​

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You are misinformed badly, and write like a complete trainwreck. Are you a bot or is this google autotranslate?

To set the record straight so you’re properly informed: Inflation schedule is exactly the same as Bitcoin, it halves every 4 years. Now add the two inflationary exploits that were managed very well by the team to minor damage. The larger was a zerocoin lib exploit that was not written by the team, but found by their advanced cryptographers. This totals nowhere near the inflation you’re ranting on about.

If you’re talking about when Firo went from 10 minute blocks to 5 minute blocks, rewards were also halved. There is no additional inflation in that.

Thanks for posting and have a nice day.


This is the original text. Please find someone to translate it yourself


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Zhexie yu xiaozu he shequ suo biaoda de sīxiang dagai xiangtong! Bu name duocai dan fengfu danshi :+1:

Hello, thank you for your comments, but you would like to know the release time of firo and btc to explain the problem you described.

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I do think that we need to consider changes to supply distribution very seriously since if we can simply alter the supply, it loses the credibility of the currency since whats the difference between us and fiat?

To be honest Bitcoin’s sudden halving isn’t such a great idea but to arbitrarily reduce the supply by 7 million would need wide community support.



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