Firo's YouTube Content

Hey there Firofam!
We’re actively working on creating more Firo YouTube content.
However, what sort of content would you like to see on Firo’s YouTube channel? Or what content do you think is lacking on Firo’s YouTube channel that we should see about addressing? What do you think could be approved?
Thank you for taking the time to read this, guys. I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Are there any promotional videos on tiktok that are so popular right now?

As for the content of the channel, you can talk about the history of firo, which used to be ZCoin, you can talk about the glorious history of the past, and new users can also know all the stories of the project. For example: ZCoin’s volume that year exceeded that of BTC. ZCoin used to be used as an election tool in Thailand and so on. These are great stories from the project’s past, and we should spread them to new users.

Thank you for the suggestion, WindandFree. I’ll pass it along. :slight_smile:
As for TikTok, we had gotten something going on TikTok, but the problem is the time and energy it took to come up with the content, write up the content, edit the content, etc. However, Ajay has been looking into snipping up our YouTube content for not only YouTube shorts but also for the limited time frames of TikTok as well.

TikTok can be fragmented, a few tens of seconds of trivia, without the need for a very formal screed. Or you can clip one segment after another from a long video and upload it in diversity.


To help us work together on thoughts and ideas, I will be relaying messages between the various platforms periodically.
This is one such message. The message below is from Dracoolya from over on Reddit.

what sort of content would you like to see on Firo’s YouTube channel?

Some simplified explanation videos of the tech. The old vids are there but for things that have been updated and don’t work the same as before, new vids are necessary.

Videos explaining what team members do. How to vote and why it’s important. What are all the things Firo can do. Etc. The YouTube platform should be used to showcase and promote Firo. A place for new people to learn about it easily.

On a side note, I think this reddit page needs attention too. All the new updates that happen don’t get reported here. I don’t use Discord and Telegram much. We need activity here too.

what content do you think is lacking on Firo’s YouTube channel

Updates in general. Oxen has weekly updates, at minimum. I think the Firo page needs that along with updated educational content spotlighting any new features.

My response to Dracoolya over on Reddit:

"Thank you for the feedback, Dracoolya! This is exactly the kind of feedback we’re looking for! :slight_smile: I will forward the suggestions along!

I will see about giving the Reddit page more attention in the future. Including, but not limited to, what I am about to reference. While we haven’t had videos providing updates at the moment, we have a thread over on the Firo Forum where we share development updates: Weekly Firo Development Meeting Minutes - #66 by AJaydono
I do believe Ajay makes posts here on Reddit when updates are put up, but I will see about just making a thread here on Reddit and sharing it directly here in the future."

Good points for your first statement, and good ideas. Your second one is what Ajay is actually working on. Clipping content that has already been created for key details and uploading those clips both on YouTube Shorts but also TikTok.

Gotta say that I’ve loved the last 3 videos that y’all have put on YouTube where Reuben breaks things down and explains them. I’d love to see a video explaining the nuts and bolts of how the Thai election with Firo (Zcoin at the time) actually worked. There was a big surge of transactions on the network, where did that money come from, voting stations utilizing Raspberry Pi’s, and a mobile voting app called “D-elect” that required voters to submit their photo ID, how did all the hardware and development and trust happen? All five parties had to be present and consent to decryption, but voter identity documents were encrypted in a way that protected their privacy. How tf did all of that work? Super impressive, all of it. Fiendish’s “Mining Pool Bonus - Operation Decentralize Hashrate” is what first got me interested in the Firo project after the ETH merge as a garage miner, but Reubens article: World’s First Large-Scale Blockchain-Based Political Election Held on Zcoin’s Blockchain | Firo - Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency
along with the community is what got me to stay. What I’d like to see on Firo’s YouTube channel is new updated videos. I love listening to videos at work. I hate to say it, but even if they’re not that great, daily YouTube videos on the topics that I’m currently interested in at the time are what I look forward to. Setting up Firo nodes or dialing in GPU OC settings, or even have Reuben show us how to set up a voting token similar to the ones used in the Thai election and/or in a completely new and better way, you son of a B I’m in. Loved the @VOSTOEMISIO post-launch strategy of “Trace the Spark - Ignite the $100,000 Challenge.” Maybe after the challenge, have a video of Reuben trying to trace the spark? Some of the more popular YouTube crypto mining personas have been getting more into setting up nodes in this bear market, and they probably get contacted by tons of sh** coins, but maybe couldn’t hurt to see if we could send them 1,000 Firo along with the hardware to set up a node and do a review on it or to see if they’d be interested in a one-on-one with Reuben or something?


Hey there BobbyBoy! Thank you for the feedback. I was going to suggest checking out the interview with Poramin where he discusses the election: Firo Frontier Episode 14: Election using Blockchain technology. An Interview w/ Poramin Insom - YouTube ; however, the detail you’re looking for isn’t quite there and further still the article you linked has more info readily available haha. (Although I would say it’s still worth a watch if you haven’t already :wink: )

I will bring up making a video that goes into the details you’re looking for about the election - could be a good pairing for us to bring up Aura as well, which is a private voting mechanism which is just at the paper stage at this point, but shows real promise. Aura: private voting with reduced trust on tallying authorities

It’s really great to hear that the mining bonus is what caught your attention, and that our community is what ultimately brought you onboard! Always great to see a miner that participates in the community! We do plan on refreshing some of the videos, and Ajay has been working on clipping older videos to utilize as well. I am the same way, though. I tend to listen to videos while I am working as well. Do you have any miners in particular in mind for it? We did get a bit of a bad rap by some YouTube miners after our community voted tokenomics change, but the cryptospace economics are considerably different now than at the time.

On a side note, what aspect of the election (and potential future related e-voting) has you the most interest, if I may ask?

Sorry for the delayed response, gotta update my notification settings. The YouTube miners that I follow that have been getting more into setting up nodes in this bear market would be:


Considering the current state of GPU mining profitability, a lot of these YouTube miners are struggling to come up with content imo. I have little to no knowledge on setting up nodes and how much they can make, but if running a FIRO node is profitable right now in this bear market, even if it’s only by a couple cents, that could be a great opportunity for FIRO.

I didn’t know about Aura, that looks really promising and I’m excited to hear more about it. The aspects of the election that had me the most interested was the scale of it, all the different moving parts, and getting everyone to work together to make it happen. It’s really impressive that it went so well on such a large scale. I’m also curious about how the voter identification and how the voter voted was split up for anonymity but how voter identification verification still took place, and how certain people needed to be present to decrypt parts of the data, but not other parts. It’s just all way over my head and having that broken down and explained would be really cool to geek out on.


No worries, Bobby!
Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. I’ll check to see if Reuben or Poramin happen to recall the specifics you’re looking for with the voting. :slight_smile:

As for the miners: I guess it has gotten tough, then - Sonofatech was blasting us back in the day for our block reward change that was voted on by the community. He and DJMines went at the project pretty hard over it at the time, and were somewhat bashing hybrid coins such as ourselves from what I saw. I know RedPandaMining and HobbyistMiner were part of some of those discussions, but I don’t recall them having much of a weigh in at any of the round tables and such at the time. Nevertheless, thank you for the suggested avenue. I’ll bring it up! :smile: