Firo's Long Term Direction towards a Privacy Ecosystem: Community Feedback

Definitely see a strong desire to remain true to our core with options 1 and 2 being the most favorable.

Really nice to see the feedback here. The decision is still not made and we’ll still continue to keep this conversation open until we have to decide. I have also tasked Aram with a short research task to evaluate options which would also help us understand where Firo stands and also what capabilities we can achieve.

One thing that we have to address is with the upcoming halving in September, again rewards are going to be halved which unless we see a price appreciation would make it impossible to retain the current team. There are very minimal things to cut beyond me and we’ve been operating on a shoe string budget for the kind of work we are doing unless we move into pure maintenance mode (which a lot of projects have done though they won’t admit it).

Personally, I would really like to see Spats deployed and also curve trees but one of the things we really need is community participation in our socials and events without expectation of a bounty but rather to support a project you love. Additionally, please use Spark addresses and transactions more!


Hello, let’s follow the route, so which will come first, spats or helsing? Judging by Firofan’s recommendations, Spark is required to be strengthened and mining and masternode rewards added. If you can, tell us a little about what the team has thought?

Expanding utility is crucial for Firo, after all, a currency becomes strong by the quantity and/or quality of things you can do with it. This promotes the increase in transactions and gives health to the currency. Do you have other projections to expand the utility?

ofc option 1 & 2 is the only optimal approach if anyone want to restore privacy coin use in p2p payments

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